Roman cuisine

The typical meal* of the Roman citizen is :

  • FIRST COURSE : a plate of pasta seasoned with different sauces,
  • SECOND: a plate of meat (pork, beef, sheep, chicken) or fish.
  • raw or cooked VEGETABLES.
  • fresh FRUIT , WATER, WINE (a glass or bottled), BREAD.

First courses

  • carbonara: pasta (rigatoni) seasoned with crispy cheek,
    beaten  eggs, black pepper and pecorino romano (cheese).
  • cacio (cheese) e black pepper: pasta (tonnarelli or rigatoni) seasoned with plenty of pecorino romano (cheese) and black pepper.
  • gricia: pasta (rigatoni or spaghetti) seasoned with cheek, pecorino romano (cheese) and black pepper.
  • amatriciana: pasta (bucatini) seasoned with tomato sauce, cheek, chili and pecorino romano (cheese).
  • rigatoni with pajata: pasta (rigatoni) served with tomato sauce, fried vegetables, young cow calf’s casing and pecorino romano (cheese).
  • fettuccine Alfredo : fettuccine seasoned with butter and parmesan cheese

Second plates:

  • trippa alla romana:
  • oxtail alla vaccinara (coda alla vaccinara): oxtail cooked with tomatoes and vegetables
  • braised veal (ossi buchi alla romana): cooked in pan with vegetables
  • chicken with peppers (pollo coi peperoni): chicken with peppers, cooked in a pan with tomatoes and other vegetables.
  • coratella d’abbacchio con i carciofi:
  • saltimbocca alla romana: slices of veal with ham and sage, fried in a pan with extra virgin olive oil.
  • filetto di baccalà: fried codfish fillet.