The Oranges Garden

Among the parks in Rome to visit there is one little small, but no less fascinating and interesting than other larger and famous: “the Savelli Park” told “Orange Garden” as it hosts an orange grove planted in memory of San Domenico.

From its terrace you can enjoy an amazing view of the “eternal” city ; the Tiber Island, which divides the “blond” Tiber, the Roman Synagogue up to the Altar of the Fatherland.

In the park there are medieval marble works, like a monumental thermal bath adorned with a striking grotesque mask.

For years the park hosted theater actor Roman Fiorenzo Fiorentini, who died recently, he was the most sincere representative and symbol of the “Roman”; to remember citizenship has dedicated one of the inner squares

Continuing the Aventine walk be sure to visit the church of St. Sabina, bordering the park.

Walk up  to the end of the road until Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta, where a pleasant surprise will repay the effort you have made; approach the green door and through the “hole” of the lock admire ………